A Source for Learning the Business of Risk Management

    Whether you are interested in risk management, looking for ways to be better at what you do, or aiming to improve service, the Illinois Society of Healthcare Risk Management membership gives you access to tools designed to help you meet your goals.

    ISHRM’s resources help professionals practice quality risk management and resolve challenges. Members find that using risk management tools assists them and their organizations achieve quality service. Through ISHRM’s resources you will be able to gain knowledge to work more efficiently and think more effectively.

    Mission Statement

    ISHRM’s purpose is to promote the delivery of safe, high quality health services for the benefit of patients, visitors, and employees by advancing and developing the professional practice of risk management.

    ISHRM provides multiple venues for members that enable you to share information with other like-minded professionals by:

    • Finding out how colleagues are solving the challenges you face meeting and learning the business of risk management from experts who live nearby.

    • Sharing industry knowledge.

    • Providing a forum on healthcare risk management issues and explaining the impact of these issues to other appropriate parties.

    • Cooperating with health care providers in achieving effective risk management.

    • Providing a forum for networking.

    Other membership opportunities include:

            Risk Manager of the Year Award

           Educational programs and other activities to strengthen and develop healthcare risk management               programs and promote professional development

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